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Zedcor’s solar light towers supply energy efficient, powerful, portable lighting solutions for oil and gas projects in western Canada.

Models include 13KVA or 5KVA Solar Generators, easy hydraulic 2 button system for safe set-up of the mast (up to 30 ft).

Remotely tilt and rotate lights 360 degrees for all your targeted work sites, primary HYBRID-SOLAR Powered Battery Bank, secondary safety back-up generator (propane or diesel), generator will auto come on everyday as needed to charge up the battery bank; averaging 1-2 hours/day. Easy on/off timer or photo-eye system.


Zedcor’s diesel light towers supply portable lighting solutions for energy industry projects in western Canada.

Units feature large fuel capacity – Long run fuel tanks with extended capacity oil sump.

Our light towers are designed from the ground up to increase the operational efficiency of site support equipment. Low fuel warning systems help to reduce operator exposure to light tower. A visual signal starts when the unit has 1/4 tank or less of fuel, alerting site personnel that fuel fill is required at a glance.